Sunday School

As our church and Sunday School Classes meet virtually in the coming weeks, Lifeway has made it possible for your family to use the Gospel Project curriculum to study the Bible together at home. They've included activity pages for kids, videos to watch as a family, and discussion questions and prayer guides to help you walk through Scripture together. Videos from Saddleback Kids help make the Bible stories more interesting for your children. We pray this is a time of discipleship and spiritual growth for your entire family. 

Sunday School Activities
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Sunday School is one of many small group settings here at FBC. Jesus told His church to “make disciples” and we take that command seriously. That’s one of the reasons why we have Sunday School. During this time you will be part of an in-depth study of the scriptures. Knowing and understanding God’s Word will help you in every aspect of your daily life.

Each Sunday School class is designed with you in mind. From children to teenagers, from adults to senior adults, from an all women’s class to an all men’s class, we have a slot for you and your family to be involved in a Sunday School class. You will also have the opportunity to fellowship with other class members and develop relationships where accountability partners can become a reality.

Beginning at 9:00am every Sunday morning, Sunday School is the first step for you and your class to have other ministry opportunities and church involvement here at FBC.